Nonprofit Advisory Services
Long-term financial security and sustainability -- two worthy goals, but we find many nonprofit organizations struggle to create and maintain endowments that can make those goals a reality.

Unlike most large financial institutions and wealth management firms, McKinley Carter can help nonprofits achieve greater community impact by taking a strategic approach to endowment development. Our Nonprofit Advisory Team is uniquely positioned to help nonprofit clients  enhance their missions and, in turn, their services to clients, through a combination of in-depth,  investment management technical expertise and more than 25 years of nonprofit executive experience.

We believe that a commitment to finance, strategic planning, fund raising, and governance should be integrated into the total financial picture of an organization to accomplish mission, achieve results, and ultimately develop and sustain endowment funds. This integrated approach allows us to help nonprofits build an operational framework that will allow them achieve their ultimate objective – to maximize the nonprofit’s financial and non-financial capacity.